Association Members honour 75th anniversary of United Nations Charter and of UNA Shropshire.

Members honour 75 Aniversary

Representative members of the United Nations Association Shropshire celebrated the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter on June 26th. UNA's Action Group Members present include John Annetts, Noel Beattie, Jill Clark, John Crowe (Coordinator), Ruth Davies and Pam Rush.

UNA Shropshire members have been working since well before1945 to bring to Shropshire people the national and international importance of having a united and effective global governance system in the aftermath of 2 world wars. The key opening phrase in Article 1 of the UN Charter states 'The purpose of the United Nations - To maintain peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace,....' The UN today includes 193 member nations and several waiting to be admitted.

Speaking at the event on Friday June 26th, Coordinator John Crowe said: -

"Since 1945, the UN, across its many agencies and relationships with multiple regional organisations succeeds in delivering so much peace and positive development to many societies across the world. Our concern, on which we continue to focus, is that the UN's delivery is desperately far from adequate - as seen from Myanmar to Syria, from Yemen to Ukraine, from Sri Lanka to Israel and Palestine - and more! Our world and its peoples must 'up their game' and see and address the root causes of the too many threats to peace and disruptions to populations. We cannot accept any more children in body-bags and desperate people fleeing for their very lives. It's near impossible to meet urgent eco-challenges in a war-zone!"

"As many well know, even an island nation like Britain does not exist in isolation from all the other nations across our world. This coming October 24th sees the 75th anniversary of the UN Charter coming into force and civil society organisations, like UNA Shropshire are doing what they can, to lobby to make conflict prevention universal and more complete."  

 "We want our UK Government, as one of the 5 permanent members of the powerful UN Security Council, to focus our contribution to global peace on making changes to the UN that makes conflict prevention its prime responsibility and function and, removes the existing barriers to this delivery. This reality was shiningly apparent at the 50th anniversary in 1995 since which time too little effective delivery has been achieved and too many have died, been injured and displaced. This 75th anniversary must see UN member states 'get it right this time' if so many of the world's people are not to continue to suffer". We continue to encourage and welcome all concerned people to join our efforts.

The Association Members hold bi-monthly public 'Discussion Groups', display at public events, organise the annual UNICEF collections for children across 5 towns, offer speakers, lobby our politicians and policy makers and, campaign for conflict prevention.