The Peace Train cometh :-

There is some excitement building along the line! And, a unique opportunity for ‘we the people’.

On Wednesday, October 24th this year, United Nations Day, during One World Week and World Disarmament Week, the Peace Train will travel down the Chester to Newport line through Shropshire and onwards to London.

On board will be the Hereford Peace Council taking all our messages and demands for Peace to our Parliament and our government. Our messages will be handed to the Hereford Peace Council organisers at stops at Shrewsbury, Church Stretton and Ludlow.

Our world continues to be beset with human made conflict. It is now timely and just simply 'right' that “we the people” express our abhorrence of this human waste with expectation that our government acts better and faster to secure peace for all.

A start would be for the UK to join 122 other member countries of the United Nations in signing the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

United Nations Association Shropshire' (UNA) is, naturally enough, a contributor to this unique action event. We now invite individuals and organisations of civil society to encourage your colleagues or members or supporters to back the human and universal desire for peace between peoples and their countries.

Support can be expressed by your organisation and/or by individuals. Expressions of support can be in letter or other form in whatever way you consider appropriate - and capable of being taken on the train to London to be received by those in Parliament and government who can make a difference!

At each station stop we invite all participants to come about half-an-hour before train arrival with all manner of inventive displays to greet the train and send it on its peace seeking way. At Church Stretton we assemble from 10.25 to meet the train at 10.53 a.m. As Coordinator of UNA Shropshire, I ask if you and those involved in your organisation will please consider participating in this unique opportunity as part of a peaceable civil society?

Information and support (including a draft letter) is available by using the Contact Us page

John Crowe, Coordinator – UNA Shropshire.