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Since the 2010 earthquake UNA Shropshire, through PAZAPA Church Stretton, has provided several thousand sterling per year towards the reconstruction and refurbishment of the school and clinic.

PAZAPA Church Stretton works through the SILOE Trust, an NGO based in California. Copies of their accounts are received and the funding is transparent.

Pazapa Church Stretton

Pazapa Kids

In January 2010 Haiti was struck by a massive earthquake. It caused the loss of life of more than 230,000 people. It destroyed or severely damaged nearly 5,000 schools.

One of these schools for severely handicapped children, together with its associated clinic, located at the small town of Jacmel on the south- west coast, was badly damaged by the earthquake.

UNA Shropshire decided it would be a worthwhile project to support the reconstruction and restoration of the school and clinic and have continued to support the project ever since

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