Modern political myths and liberal democracy

On a matter that is very much before us every day; the brutal war in Ukraine.

We invite you to join us in a conversation
On Wednesdays 20 th April and May 4 th

It is clear that in the UK and Europe we cannot get back to business as usual. After a 2years pandemic and an unprovoked, brutal war in a friendly neighbouring country, we must not. Populations are facing into one of the economically hardest periods since the 2nd world war. In an economically unequal world there will be those who are hit hardest of all. Those who can will be called upon to exercise ‘the kindness of strangers’, for which as a country we have been admired.

UNA Shropshire, as part of our study of global and local political, social and shifting dynamics, has prepared some papers to prompt a conversation around how we got where we are. Also, as local and global citizens; ‘we the people’, need to ask in every
community how our own considered thought and values matter and what we do about it.

We will devote proceeds to the humanitarian need through the appropriate charities.